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annoying file organization issues with windows

02.07.2018 16:36:45 / 1 сообщение / автор темы NoelBlakley .

[ 02.07.2018 16:36:43 (UTC +3), 48.en.cx ]  

Ive got Live 8.1 on both my Mac and PC. On my Mac, when you record audio, it records into a temp folder. Then when you save, it moves all your temp files, and everything associated with the project into a neat and convenient folder titled "whatever Project" I love this as it makes it super simple to share projects, and its an overall great way to organize. This is by default.On my PC (windows 7, but had same issue on XP) it automatically dumps all recorded files into a huge "samples" folder. Every time you crop, consolidate, or freeze a track, it dumps those into a global sort of dump folder. Now, due to poor planning on my part, I dont always rename the track before I record on it, so my audio files get named "untitled track 23412" and then just automatically tossed in with a million other "untitled" tracks. Making is impossible to find later! Ive also tried the collect all and save method, which doesnt work unless you "save as" and make a whole new folder someplace else, resulting in 2 of the same project. WHY IS THIS SET UP SO INCONVENIENTLY? Is there anyway that I can have my PC save files in the same intuitive way the mac does so i dont have some folder with ten thousand audio files in it?

Please help.

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